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Keeping up with the latest technology and development is not limited to smartphones as they extend towards your house. You might also want to remodel your house, especially your kitchen and bathroom, to keep up with the amazing trends.

We, Kitchen Remodeling Arlington TX, will be more than happy to help you remodel your bathroom and kitchen as we provide the best Arlington TX bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling services.

We have been in the Kitchen Remodeling and Bathroom Remodeling Arlington business for the last 30 years. Our team will ensure that your home remodeling experience is the best as we will be with you from start to finish and help you customize your place by doing an awesome job.

Why Choose Us?

Every remodeling company claims to be the best, but we prove with our actions that we are the best professional bathroom and kitchen remodelers in the state of Texas.

You do not need to worry about being duped or fraud, as we are licensed by the state, and all the mechanical work is subcontracted. Moreover, if you choose us, you will also get access to quality service and consultation with a professional contractor from Arlington Kitchen Remodeling

As we said earlier, we provide information about our business and live up to your expectations.  

The contractors licensed team here at Kitchen Remodeling Arlington, Texas, firmly believes that house renovation and remodeling requires a lot of patience and effort. Therefore, our team of licensed contractors will constantly help you with their expertise in selecting the best remodel plans for your kitchen and bathroom. 

If you want to remodel or redesign your house completely and install new things in your existing bathroom or kitchen within a limited cost, you can go through our catalog and select the one that fits your budget. We provide various products along with customer reviews so that you receive an unbiased opinion about our service. While there are many competent remodelers out there, our specialty lies in our dedicated team that is committed to perfection. Our expert designers work tirelessly while keeping your desires and inputs at the forefront. At kitchen remodeling Arlington, we will stick to your budgetary limits and put the highest quality resources to use.

Give us a call, and our professionals will get in touch with you to schedule a meeting. After we know all about your needs, we will present you with a free estimate to ease the decision-making for you. Further, if you proceed with the remodeling project, we will consider your inputs and draw up the plan around it.

Working with us is a breeze, as our dedicated, pleasant team is one of our greatest assets; without a doubt, they always do an awesome job. We do not just cater to remodeling projects; instead, we make this entire experience a memorable one. That is primarily because we understand how important your home and personal space are to you, and remodeling is not routine.

Services Offered

You can easily find various home remodeling services under one name: Arlington Kitchen Remodeling. The following are some of our team’s best remodeling Arlington services within an affordable and flexible cost or budget. 

Kitchen Remodeling Arlington TX

Bathroom Remodeling Arlington

Contact us if you are looking for a way to make your existing bathroom look brand new. Let it be a shower, bathtub, or sink present in your bathroom; we will renovate it as per your likes and preference.

Our company will provide you with the best Master Bathroom Remodel Arlington by replacing and redesigning the existing ones. Moreover, you can choose from the various types of models featured by us or specifically request a custom one that would go along with your appliances.

After the completion of the whole bathroom renovation process by bathroom remodelers Arlington TX, you would not need to worry about any inconvenience in the lighting system of your bathroom as we would take special care of it.

Our service range is quite vast and spans from your bathroom, kitchen to your whole house, from start to finish. We also one of the top bathroom remodelers Arlington TX, with a substantial client base. The following are some of the best are kitchen remodeling services we offer.

Kitchen Remodeling Arlington

Kitchen Remodeling Arlington

The renovation service provided by our company covers the kitchen as well. We provide professional expertise to help you update your existing kitchen countertops, flooring, cabinets, sinks, and other appliances to match the current trend. You can choose from various countertops such as Laminate, Quartz, and Prefab Granite countertops for your kitchen. These countertops provided by us are of the highest quality and are available at a reasonable cost. 

We take special care of delicate things such as your kitchen appliances and lighting system during the kitchen renovation process. Therefore, you do not need to worry about anything in your kitchen malfunctioning once the renovation process is complete.The kitchen is undoubtedly the most happening place in your home. So why shouldn’t it look the part? In fact, it should reflect your personality and must be welcoming. Dull, plain interior just does not cut it.

If your home and kitchen need a makeover, then we cater to all things remodeling at kitchen remodeling Arlington TX. We complete all our projects with finesse, from brand new cabinetry and floor plans to a new interior. Moreover, we know how to adhere to strict budgets while not compromising on quality. Our team offers top-notch services if you are looking for a new kitchen and bathroom remodeling Arlington. Additionally, we have over 20 years of experience in professional residential remodeling. You surely will get the most value out of your investment. 

Irrespective of the size of your kitchen, you can avail of our services for a wholesome renovation and Arlington kitchen remodeling. Our team is highly adept at new construction, merging rooms, bringing down walls, installing new fixtures, and repainting the walls. Our kitchen remodelers Arlington TX also cater to clients’ eclectic, personal tastes and do not simply rely on trendy ideas.

With our expertise and experience, our full-service will not stop till you love the results. Our bright, wide, airy renovation and farmhouse fixtures are popular amongst our clients. Also, if you are a fan of antique touches and designs, we will furnish and acquaint your entire kitchen with classic pieces.

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Design Services

Being in the renovation business for a long time, we understand that renovation is not limited to using new technology. Therefore, we provide Design Services Arlington to elevate your bathroom renovation and kitchen renovation project to an astounding level.

So, if you are looking for professional contractors who would provide you with the best designs in Arlington, Texas, you should contact us: Kitchen Remodeling Arlington, Texas.

The Kitchen Designer Arlington feature so that you can design your kitchen, flooring, and countertop, along with bathroom, shower, bathtub, as per your vision and custom request. Moreover, our team of professional contractors will be with you from start to finish throughout the consultation and construction process.

Plumbing Services Arlington TX

Plumbing Services

In addition to all the jobs we have mentioned above, we also provide electrical plumbing, so that you do not need to contact any new professional contractors for such small tasks.

Any construction process in the kitchen or bathroom is incomplete if there is no proper plumbing done to prevent leakages. Keeping this in mind, we provide additional plumbing service after the completion of the renovation.

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Most importantly, we will gladly accept your request to construct a custom master bath, master bathroom, kitchen, or any other home remodeling project, including kitchen cabinets.

Also, did we mention that we are one of the top Cabinet Makers Arlington? We offer you a complete home remodeling experience in a single place.

Contact Us

After going through the various, spectacular features mentioned above, you can easily contact our fantastic team for high-quality service and us. You can call us at (281) 699-1390 at any given time.

Our team at Arlington TX Kitchen Remodeler believes in providing high-quality construction and service for your home. Therefore, you can either call on the number mentioned above or mail us about it in case of any doubt or query. We will make sure that we solve your query within a couple of hours itself.

Customizations Kitchen Remodeling Arlington TX

Countertop Installation

Marble kitchen countertops never go out of style and go well with all sorts of appliances. Not only are they timeless, but also highly durable and sturdy. Besides, you get so many other unique designs to choose from, concrete, raw wood, and zinc. Here are some of the most well-loved countertops and styles.

High-Quality Quartz

These countertops come in a host of pretty colors, ranging from blush pink to ocean blue. Thus, giving your kitchen an airy, earthy effect. We can also adorn your beautiful kitchen with stunning quartzite countertops in Arlington. Resultantly, you can also add quartzite sliding doors for a sleek and modern look.

Oak Slab

We were not kidding when we said that we cater to eclectic tastes. Not only have we mastered the contemporary themes, but we also love creating rustic looks.
Therefore, you can opt for oak slabs and counters to create a Tuscan-style, mountain-themed kitchen. Our remodeling project experts have some innovative ideas to offer to give life to the design plans for a kitchen renovation.


Apart from weathered Barnwood, marble, Silestone, and mahogany countertops, our interior designers also specialize in black granite. Granite is as classy as it gets, and our black granite countertops and slabs are extremely high-quality.
Additionally, we can source them for you at the most reasonable prices. Our connections also extend to manufacturers of prefabricated granite countertops Arlington.

Design Services Kitchen Remodeling Arlington TX

Installation of Fixtures and Hardware

We can also install hardware such as pulls, hinges, and knobs with a high-quality make from start to finish. Since we have high standards when it comes to quality, the hardware selected by our team will last you for years. Moreover, we also install lighting, as per your kitchen’s requirements.
Due to our connections with the best cabinet makers Arlington, material, and durability will never be an issue. Also, our methods are fool-proof and hassle-free. Here are some widely popular cabinetry ideas to help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

Metal Grate Cabinets

Metal grate fronts look lovely and provide some much-needed ventilation as well. Instead of the generic glass cabinet doors, you can opt for these and elevate the look tenfold. Another advantage is that these are not entirely see-through, so you do not need to fret over the presentation inside the cabinets.

Pastel Cabinets

In our kitchen remodels Arlington, we also love experimenting with different color hues. Our pastel themes and metal themes are particularly successful. Besides, pistachio green looks surprisingly refreshing and adds a great deal of character to your space.

Fancy Cabinets with Hardware

If you are renovating, why not go all-in? You can choose to go for smoky, luxurious themes if you cherish a classy interior with our remodeling contractors in Arlington. To cater to this taste, we can equip your kitchen with transformative, smart appliances and hardware such as knobs. Moreover, they do not just look pretty but also make your job much easier.

Floating Cabinets

Floating cabinetry is not a new entrant in Arlington kitchen remodeling; rather, it has picked up the wave consistently for the past few years. This is because it makes the kitchen easier to clean, and the style is undeniably sophisticated. However, you can also opt for floating cabinets in your bathroom remodel Arlington.

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